[Is carbonated radish water carbonated, who can’t eat it?


[Is carbonated radish water carbonated, who can’t eat it?


Rock sugar radish water has the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, which is more suitable for the current season, because the weather is dry and it is easy to cause a fire and cough. In addition, there is a lot of dust outside, and it is easy to appear lung function diseases, mainly to ventilate the lungs.There are advantages and disadvantages. You can’t drink too much rock sugar radish water. For some qi and blood weakness, women during pregnancy cannot take rock sugar radish water excessively, because radish has the effect of degassing, and it is easy to drink more diarrhea.

People with a weak constitution should not eat white radish.

Qi deficiency is a theoretical description of human pathological changes in TCM. In short, it is due to various pathological changes caused by insufficient human vitality, including lung deficiency, heart deficiency, and kidney deficiency.

White radish is a cold food, and people with qi deficiency need more food to replenish qi and blood.

In addition, white radish also has the effect of qi, too much qi will lead to exhaustion and dissipate qi, making the symptoms of qi deficiency worse.

Yang deficiency type constipation patients should not eat white radish.

Similarly, yang deficiency is also one of the pathological symptoms of the human body. Generally, people with yang deficiency often feel that their limbs are not hot, and their waists and knees are sour.

White radish has high nutritional value, and can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, and disperse qi and stasis, but it is not suitable for patients with constipation of the type of yang deficiency, which may cause worsening symptoms.

Patients with diarrhea should not eat white radish.

As mentioned earlier, white radish has air-ventilation, helping digestion and other effects. At the same time, it is also a typical cold food. Therefore, if you have symptoms of gastrointestinal diarrhea, you must eat white radish carefully. In this case, the disease will only be aggravated.And symptoms.

People who are taking Chinese medicine should not eat white radish.

Some folks have said that white radish is an antidote, but modern research shows that white radish does not actually compete with drugs.

The two major effects of white radish: resolving stasis and promoting qi, will lead to the accelerated digestion and metabolism of Chinese medicine in the body, which directly affects the tonic effect of Chinese medicine. Therefore, you should avoid eating white radish with Chinese medicine.


Efficacy and role of white radish sugar syrup 1) White radish ice syrup can prevent cough, especially for some children, in the colder season such as autumn and winter, because the high temperature often causes cough, thisAt that time, you can use white radish rock sugar water to blend together.

2) Rock sugar has a good effect of nourishing the lungs, and can also moisturize the lungs, while radish water has a good effect of lowering qi and expectorant.

So every night before going to bed, even for three or four days, the cough is basically fine.


How to make white radish with sugar syrup 1) Take 150 grams of white radish, clean them first, then cut into thin slices, and add 50 grams of rock sugar.

Put the rock sugar in the bowl, then add some water, buckle a small bowl on top, put the sliced white radish slices around, and then steam in the pot for half an hour to cook the radish juice.It can flow into the rock sugar, just drink water after stewing.

2) Add a little water, and then put a small bowl on the bowl, place the sliced radish around the small bowl, and steam it in the pot for 30 minutes. At this time, the stewed radish juice flows into the rock sugar water.Drink it.