[How to make fish roe hot pot]_Recommended diet

[How to make fish roe hot pot]_Recommended diet

Hot pot is also divided into different types due to the variety of the bottom of the pot. You can add ingredients you like to cook in it, which is welcomed and loved by many friends.

Fish roe has rich nutritional value, contains a large amount of protein, and plays an active and effective role on the human body. Among them, fish roe hotpot is also delicious and delicious. Next, I will introduce the specific method of fish roe hot pot in detail.


Wash the fresh fish roe purchased in water. Care should be taken when washing to avoid breaking the outer film that surrounds the fish roe, which will cause the fish roe to spread out.

Rinse off the blood on the adventitia.


Poke the film through a pinhole-like orifice to let out the gas contained in the fish roe.


Wash and slice the shallots and slice the ginger.


Put fish roe in a clean container, pour an appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove fishy odor, add onion segments and ginger slices, and fully marinate.


Peel the garlic, slice it, and cut the red pepper into sections.


Add oil to the pan, add the fish roe directly, do not need hot oil, be sure to chop the fish roe cold, fry over low heat until the two sides are golden, and then flourish. Be careful not to disperse the fish roe.Block stereotypes.


Prepare a clean pot. After the oil is hot, add the hot pot base material to simmer, then add garlic slices, seasonings such as onion segments and ginger slices, peppercorns, star anise and other ingredients, stir fry.


Pour in the right amount of water, add the fish roe and boil over high heat.


Prepare other ingredients that you like to eat, cut some tofu, cut and wash enoki mushrooms, peel and slice potatoes, and so on.


You can add an appropriate amount of water during the process to prevent it from being too salty.

The above is the specific method of fish roe hot pot, which can be made according to your own taste. If you do n’t like spicy food, you can substitute clear soup, or the taste of complication tomato. Compared to the restaurant, it is clean and hygienic.It’s also more convenient. Try it out!