[Can children eat pineapple]_Children_Can you eat

[Can children eat pineapple]_Children_Can you eat

Children can eat a small amount of pineapple. For babies, pineapple should not be eaten because pineapple contains a protease. The child’s body is relatively weak and it is easy to cause adverse effects on the child. For young children, they can eat a little.For infants, try not to eat it. If you really want to eat it, it is best to cook it with boiling water and try not to eat raw pineapple.

Can children eat pineapple?

Eat with caution.

After 8 months, the baby can eat some gruel and fruit to change the taste. This will help stimulate the baby’s taste nerves.

There are three ingredients in pineapple that may cause allergies to your baby, so it is best to wait until the age of 2 before feeding your baby.

For pineapples, which are allergic to fruits, do not prevent them from being cooked before they are eaten by babies.

If infants with allergies are particularly careful when trying pineapples for the first and second time, it is advisable to give the children a small amount to try first, and then observe whether a rash appears within two hours. If you are not assured, you can observe for another 3 days for delayOther allergic symptoms of sexuality, if no allergies occur, it means that the child does not have allergies to this kind of fruit, and can be eaten with confidence in the future.

There are three ingredients in pineapple: 1. Pineapple contains a variety of “biological compounds”, which can be irritating to the baby’s skin and oral mucosa.

So after eating the raw pineapple which is no doubt processed, the mouth feels itchy.

2. “Serotonin” in pineapple is an ammonia-containing neurotransmitter, which has the effect of strongly contracting blood vessels and smooth muscles, and increasing blood pressure. The result is headache.

There are 2 in every 100 grams of juice.

5 mg-3.

5 mg.

3. Pineapple contains “bromelain”, a protein recombinase.

After extraction, it has a strong role in decomposing fibrin and blood clots, and is a medical drug.

A small amount of bromelain in pineapples is broken down by gastric juice after it is eaten into the stomach.

However, a small number of people have allergic reactions to this enzyme, most of which are “rapid-type” allergic reactions, and abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, asthma (headache), headache, dizziness and other symptoms occur about 15-60 minutes after eating.

Severe dyspnea and shock will occur.

Precautions for babies to eat pineapple 1. After the pineapple is peeled and diced, cut into slices or pieces, and boiled in boiling water before eating.

Bromelain at 45 ° C?
Denaturation starts at 50 ° C, and more than 90% are destroyed at 100 ° C; proteins can also be destroyed at the same time; serotonin replaces water.

The taste is also improved after boiling.

2. If you want to keep the fresh taste of pineapple, you can soak the pineapple cut into pieces or pieces in salt water (salinity of general cooking) and soak it for about 30 minutes, and then rinse with cold water to remove the salty taste.To achieve desensitization.

3. The baby who eats for the first time only eats a piece the size of a biscuit. If there is no abnormality, an appropriate amount can be added next time.

4, do not eat too much pineapple each time, excessive consumption is harmful to the stomach.