[How to remove shrimp line from frozen prawns?

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to remove shrimp line from frozen prawns?
】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

There must be a lot of people who like to eat prawns. People will eat prawns in rich foods. Not only can they eat prawns with very delicious flavors, but they can also add rich nutrients, including the essentials of the human body.Calcium, eating prawns in the elderly can prevent osteoporosis, eating prawns in young children can promote physical development, but everyone knows that shrimp line can not be eaten, so how to remove shrimp line if it is frozen prawnsDrop it?

How do frozen prawns remove shrimp lines?
Frozen shrimp, wait for it to freeze, and then operate the shrimp body through the middle of the third and fourth quarters, and gently pick up.

Tips for shrimp line: 1, shrimp line can be removed by the tail of green shrimp.

The method is very simple, just pull the tail in the middle, and the shrimp line can be pulled out.

Or you can bend the back of the shrimp into an arc with one hand, and then use the toothpick with the other hand to go from the third and fourth quarters of the shrimp tail, and tie the meat to the shrimp line.

2. Shrimp is the easiest way to go to the shrimp line while it is alive, hold the shrimp’s neck, and then pull the head and shrimp line together.

In this way, the shrimp tail can be completely removed in the shortest time.

3. It can be said that the best way to remove shrimp line is to use dental floss. The method of removing shrimp line with a toothpick is simple. You only need to use a toothpick to pass between the penultimate section and the penultimate section of the shrimp body, and then pick upJust break the shrimp line.

After cutting the shrimp thread with a toothpick, you should live again, and then pull out the shrimp thread completely, so you can eat it with confidence.

4. Generally, there are implanted spines in the middle of the shrimp head. At this time, you only need to cut a hole in the seat of the spine with scissors, and then use the plane of the scissors to pick out the entire brain. At this time, the shrimp line will be pulled completely.Out.
This method can easily go to shrimp line while keeping the whole shrimp intact.

The top of the clean shrimp has a black line on the abdomen. This is the abdominal artery of the shrimp and the motor nerve chain connected to it, which is also known as the shrimp tendon.

Shrimp will bend into a bow shape when heated, which is caused by the shrinkage of shrimp tendons.

It usually does not need to be removed before cooking.

However, when making some special-shaped dishes, some tempura, etc. need to be cut off or cut to keep the shrimp straight.